Smash the Cake! Family Portrait Photographer – The Martin Family from Kent

Sharon & Steve came to the studio for Rays first birthday but wanted to capture some original photos of Ray turning 1yr and were thinking they would like something a bit different, I suggested that they could bring a cake & his balloon and we would do a ‘smash the cake’ portrait photography session!  Sharon decided she would like some portraits of Ray in his trendy little leather jacket and just his nappy with his yummy chocolate cake!  Sharon put the cake in front of Ray and he was one very happy baby!  His hands were straight in the cake and he loved it!

We then added the balloon for some more shots, by now he was a very happy chocolatey baby and was full of smiles!  The idea is to just let the baby do their own thing and get very messy and I just click away why they do so and it’s lots of fun!  Once we had taken enough Mum and Dad had a few shots with Ray which was very funny as they were trying not to get chocolate on themselves and Ray was trying to get Mummy to lick the chocolate off his fingers! I was still clicking away why all of this was going on!  Then it was time for cleaning him up!  We also filmed this studio session so will post this too soon.

This session is very messy and you have to be prepared with lots of wet wipes after but the babies love it and ‘Smash the cake’ makes for some fabulous original 1st Birthday portrait photography!

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