Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer Kent

Choosing a wedding photographer is quite a decision!  You are inviting a stranger into what is probably the most special day of your life.  You need to make sure that they will fit in, and also that their presence will be worthwhile.

Here are three top tips for choosing a wedding photographer:

1)      Consider what sort of photographs you want, for example, relaxed, casual shots of you and your guests, or formal group shots.  Purple Vision Photography, covering London and Kent, can provide either, or both, to suit your needs.

2)      Will the photographer do what you want, or do you want to be guided and directed by them?  Purple Vision Photography’s team will sit down with you well in advance, and discuss what you want, to make sure that they are recording your day in the way you would like.

3)      What sort of album or package of pictures do you want?  Staff at Purple Vision Photography are very happy to share examples of previous work and albums with you, so that you know that you will be getting what you want.

For more information, or to book a photographer for your wedding, please call 07921 507166 or 020 8850 4421 or email